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How to Create Multiple Copies of Blocks in AutoCAD?

How to Create Multiple Copies of Blocks in AutoCAD?

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In the AutoCAD world, efficiency is a must. No matter whether you are working on a site plan, laying out residential or commercial plots, any project that requires replication then the array command is your best friend. In this blog, we will learn how to create multiple copies of an object easily with minimum work required; using simple real-life situation.

Follow This Steps To Create Multiple Copies of the Array/Blocks:

Step 1: Select Your Template Plot

Strat with the plot you want to duplicate. For example purpose, let’s say we have a plot that’s perfect for new developments. This plot will act as our template for copy.

Image: Select the plot template you want to replicate

Step 2: Duplicate Your Plot Template

Now using the copy command, duplicate your selected plot. Select a base point on the plot carefully. As this will affect the placement of you replicas.

Image: Select the base point of the plot

Step 3: Use of Array Command

Now, you have to use the array command. You can find this option in the menu or can simply type “AR” into the command line. This step is crucial for creating multiple copies efficiently.

Image: Write “AR” in the command line

Step 4: Specify the Number of Replicas/Copies

AutoCAD will ask how many copies you need. In our case, we’re planning for 12 new plots, so we’ll enter “12”. This number can be changed according to your need of copies.

Image: Enter the number of the array replicas

Step 5: Complete the Operation

To finalize, click “OK” or press “Enter”. Just like that, you’ve created 12 exact replicas/ multiple copies of your original plot. This method is not only quick but also ensures consistency across your design.


The array command is a powerful tool in AutoCAD, enabling users to replicate objects quickly and accurately. By following these steps, you can significantly speed up your design process, allowing more time for creativity and precision in your projects. Remember, in AutoCAD, efficiency is just a command away.

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