Difference between the BIM Manager and BIM Coordinator

what is the difference between BIM manager and BIM coordinator?
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In the world of building information modelling (BIM), two roles often come up: the BIM manager and the BIM coordinator are also team members. Although these roles may seem alike, they have their own duties and roles that are different within the scheme of any project. In the present blog article, our goal is to explain the difference between a BIM manager and a BIM coordinator.

BIM Manager

The BIM Manager is a professional figure responsible for the creation, management, and updating of the BIM Model. They are typically involved in:

  • Arranging each phase of the creation and updating of the building information model.
  • Coordinating the professionals involved in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.
  • Managing interferences between BIM models of different disciplines.
  • Overseeing the organization-wide implementation of BIM and related technology.

BIM Coordinator

On the other hand, the BIM Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Building Information Modeling (BIM) efforts of all project teams. Their responsibilities often include the following:

  • Make sure that all members of the project team are following the BIM Execution Plan.
  • Training new team members on BIM processes.
  • Maintaining the BIM models throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Implementing BIM at the project level.

Difference Between BIM Manager and BIM Coordinator

AspectBIM ManagerBIM Coordinator
Primary RoleOversees BIM implementation and strategyCoordinates BIM activities and project workflows
ResponsibilitiesStrategic planning, team management, and standardsModel coordination, clash detection, and data sharing
QualificationsExtensive BIM experience and leadership skillsCollaborates with stakeholders and leads the BIM team
Team InteractionCollaborates with stakeholders and leads BIM teamWorks closely with project teams, trades, and clients
Software ProficiencyProficient in BIM software and toolsExpertise in BIM software for coordination tasks
Project ScopeFocuses on overall project BIM strategyManages specific BIM tasks within a project
Decision MakingStrategic decisions, standard implementationOperational decisions, coordination resolutions
CommunicationCommunicates vision, standards, and guidelinesFacilitates coordination meetings and resolves clashes
Training & SupportProvides training, support, and guidanceAssists teams with BIM software, troubleshooting


On the whole, both roles are key elements to the process of BIM implementation, and each of them has their own part of the work. The BIM Manager is responsible for managing BIM implementation across the organization as a whole, whereas the BIM Coordinator is involved with the project-level implementation of BIM.

Recognizing the unique skills and responsibilities of BIM managers and coordinators ensures proper utilization for optimal BIM processes. There is a lot of difference between the role and the work both positions have to contemplate.

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